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TMCTA can help your organization avoid being bogged down with unnecessary data sets.

We will help you focus on the most important information so you can take the most appropriate course(s) of action.

Head Start is grounded in a comprehensive approach to child development.

Supporting and improving access to healthy opportunities from the earliest stages in life is key to school success and better quality of life throughout a child’s lifetime.

ERSEA is often misinterpreted as only being related to numbers of clients or potential clients.

More than numbers, Head Start and Early Head Start programs are social initiatives aimed at bringing about change in the lives of each family and child living under the impact of poverty and its consequences.

We also offer effective strategies to avoid pitfalls in school readiness plans and CLASS scores that could compromise your program.

It is our highest priority to help you with targeted solutions for any part of the new federal review process.

Early, accurate assessments and the effective use of outcomes data are crucial for the development and continuous improvement of programs that will provide essential positive results.

Utilizing data as a basis to evaluate program decisions is critical.

However, it can be difficult to find the right answers in your numerous sources of data.

For more than 30 years, our company has supported government with unparalleled quality services in the fields of Human Services and Early Childhood Education.

Our sister company now offers the same experienced, competent support directly to your organization.

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