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I was at a gas station filling up the air in one of my tires when a strikingly handsome guy pulled up next to me.He was like something out of a billboard selling cologne, and drove a Mercedes and blasted Band of Horses. He had just finished his bachelor's degree and was contemplating entering the police academy with an eye on becoming a detective.I'm pretty good at sussing people out, and he'd dropped enough hints in the conversation over dinner for me to figure out that he'd have some questions about the porn thing and it would definitely cause some conflict.The chemistry was nice, but I decided that he wasn't worth the trouble. My brother came to visit me for the holidays, touting the virtues of a new dating app called Tinder. I could put myself out there without any pictures from work, get some responses to people that were genuinely into me, and then I could come out if we made it past a few dates.My phone was buzzing immediately with more "matches" than I could keep up with.Tinder is a slash and burn campaign through the sexual jungle.And so that's what I did for a while; just slept with my work friends who kept it cool but satisfied the physical urges with the added bonus of no explanations required.

So when I found myself single a few years later and decided to enter into the dating world, I realized that my dilemma was twofold; not only did I understand very little about how single people went about being a couple, but when I found one I might want to couple with, I had to figure out how to tell them about my rather unconventional day job.

*Opening joke to seem charming* *Charming response back* "You seem pretty clever what kind of history you into? " *I offer some part of the French Revolution that I'm interested in and ask them about something in their profile.* "You from here? " *Cut and paste pat response* "Oh wow, interesting." "Sometimes.

It's usually just a fun job." "I guess we can do anything we want ; )" *Dismayed silence* "Hey sexy girl." *Exhausted nonresponse* "You still want to hang out? I'm impatient, so it is challenging, but the results have been somewhat surprising.

I became precise in my rejection of people based solely on their looks, age, or interests.

But once again, it's hard to get to really know someone without revealing a key piece of information, mainly that all of your income is derived from the sexual services you sell, and more than that, a brand that revolves around sex.

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