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TOM CHESEK, CORRESPONDENT October 24, 2016 It's a spectacle that boasts hopelessly immature frat-boy behavior and dredged-up memories of sexual assault.A possibly gold-digging "model" from an Eastern European locale, and an ambitious young woman moving up in her daddy's business.She has a very specific plan for the future that involves Brandon who, far less of a long-term thinker than Sloane, balks at any notion of commitment.

It's to the credit of playwright Smith (whose "Saving Kitty" was staged by NJ Rep a few seasons back) that she largely avoids those easy ways out.Fitz." It's only when she invites herself into his home that the tenacious Ms.Hudson discovers a side of Brandon's life that he'd prefer to keep hidden: his brother and roommate Doug, an intermittently employed homebody who apparently sustained a degree of brain damage as a consequence of a foolish stunt — and whose life revolves more around "World of Warcraft," Bud Light and Cap'n Crunch.Although the play is most interested in Brandon and Sloane's relationship, the spark between Techler and Trow never seems genuine.Happily, Doug is the play's most interesting character, as Delaney shows him to have found unexpected levity in his trauma.

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