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I’m supposed to be coasting, but it feels more like crashing. Made a giant pot of kale and quinoa salad w/ chickpeas and chicken sausage, and a platter of summertime chicken breasts roasted w/ cherry tomatoes and white and green asparagus. ” And then prepared to be examined, encouraged, applauded … This whole week has been surreal and magical and her story captures that. So I stopped, and smiled, extending my arms for a fake hug, forcing out a phony “Hey you! “My wife is giving labor and you, sweetheart, are in my way!!! And I have to share this email from a sweet, new friend.Which is why I had mixed emotions when things with S. I didn’t need him around, but I sure wanted him around. By date four, we all went to a Dolly Parton concert with his parents and siblings in Maine. I never had time to shop for lacy bras, let alone shave my legs or wear glowy makeup. It was a little surprising, however, when she started calling him “Da-Da” around 11-months-old. I’m constantly carrying Hazel, the stroller, her scooter, her helmet, our groceries (aka: waffles, Talenti and wine), my coat, her jean jacket, my pocketbook, her pocketbook, her babies, my keys if I can find them, etc. Now I can say, “Thank goodness I have a second set of hands!We took her hiking upstate, which coincided with a work trip for him. We barely went to any cool, cultural activities unless they ended by p.m. Granted, she also called dogs “Da-Da’s.” We laughed it off by telling people she thought S. “Da Da” soon turned to “Daddy” and while we never pushed it, we also never corrected it. ” I’m so grateful to have a loving partner worthy of my and Hazel’s complete adoration.On the whole, Shelasky’s memoir is a zesty read about dating, family, and self-discovery. In a few days, I go home to Brooklyn, after almost three months in Rome. In my defense (haha), I haven’t exactly been living under a rock – just a hut in Sri Lanka, a ranch in Malibu, and an 8th floor walk-up in Paris w/ two Tunisian strangers and their cigs & couscous. And hell yes, I feel crazy lucky making a living listening/writing the true stories of chefs, shamans, nymphos and heroes all over the world . I felt proud to be a solo parent and idolized the single moms who helped me get there.

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Felt better imagining my guy coming home to good food, brain food, girlfriend food. With all my love and thanks to all, I’m heading out for the biggest breakfast of my life, Alyssa Here’s what happened: This morning I was down at the Union Square farmers’ market hunting down green tomatoes and stocking up on goat cheese for Tom with only 10 pages to go in the book.

I love my noisy-quiet Italian life and the person I’ve been spending it with. I haven't exercised since springtime; and I’m ready to throw these five f*ng dresses, that I’ve worn down to threads, out my huge, whimsy windowsill. I write all day long by a big balcony, stopping only to eat and cook the food that fantasies are made of. For New York Mag, there was the amazing tale of Maggie Todd, who lost her hand in a jet-ski accident then found her inner-spirit at Per Se.

But I have nothing left to read; and sometimes I smoke. Can’t say much until the story is published, but gotta say, those long, killer hikes, hours and hours alone in the woods with your true self, . Andddd less intense…I’m currently making almond brown rice pudding! And I’ve been so preoccupied with my Financial Dominatrix and Both Sides of the Breakup and New York Diet stories that …being blunt…

I could KILL for a coffee to-go, a facial where they don’t feel you up (& down …yeah, tell you later! And I now, as I wrap my Capri Kaftan around my trashy Yeah, it just makes me feel better about my infrequent posts on this site, because I do have guilt about this Apron Anxiety universe which I love, which I consider the core of all good things, which I should be more affectionate, or at least flirtatious, towards…

I’m living inside a love story unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. My weekends are the sea, Prosecco, ballerinas, and motorbikes. I had no idea how much my life would change when I came here. Plus two sorority sisters in love, a Financial Dominatrix named Goddess Nia ( magazine, I interviewed an Olsen, Seth Meyers, Kate & Andy Spade, a mystery champion athlete, and of course, Kelly Wearstler. On the record - my feeling about the outrage, or whatever, is (as always) LIVE & LET LIVE! In news: Over the next few weeks I’m heading to Zurich, Gstaad, London (Paris for a night - if Ikbal ‘n Muhammad will have me back), Chile, then….

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