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But he’s actually in Toronto right now filming a movie called ‘Scott Pilgrim.’ So that’s interesting [laughs]. ” With all our friends, we kept imagining: What if it was Jonah Hill? I mean, essentially there’s a part of you in the character, but I was like, Wow, he was really good. Has your attitude toward love, which was pretty cynical at the outset of the movie, changed at all since? Through talking to people and seeing these really long relationships … And I think every time I interviewed someone I’d get chills and go, “Oh my God, that’s a really good story.” — because we would hang out with them for hours, shooting and setting up in their house. You can’t help but feel more affected than watching a fictional film because these people are real.

But then we were making a list of all the young actors that were talented and we’re like, “Who’s going to want to play a character named their own name and not get paid a lot of money [laughs] and also be able to, like, play it realistic? He’s great, too, but then Nick was like, “Oh, Michael’s really good.” And he made me watch some ‘Arrested Development.’ I was like, “Oh, he is really good.” Michael is so different from his character. ” [Laughs] It’s just so silly to overreact over something like that.

Throughout the film, which opens next Friday, 23-year-old Yi plays two roles, both with the same name.

She's the naïve and curious seeker of manifestations of true love and a wary skeptic who meets Cera at a party with other actors and becomes romantically attached during a number of brief encounters with him while she's travelling the documentary trail."People don't believe me when I tell them Michael and I were just playing parts, that we're not romantically involved," a rather disingenuous Yi said earlier this week from her home in L. "They don't realize everyone in the film, including the director, is an actor playing a part."Yi has a track record in live comedy and a script on the go for movie comedy king Judd Apatow, who gave her a part in his hit , she continued, began as a simple chronicle of her journey towards an understanding of what love is really about."I dropped out of college when I was 19 and started working comedy clubs, hanging out with 40-year-olds who seemed to know.

My hope was that people like me would find it inspirational." Jasenovec at first suggested that Yi should start dating for real on camera, to give the documentary an edge of verisimilitude."But I couldn't do that," Yi said. I offered to write a script instead, something fictional."It wasn't much of a script, she explained.

She and Cera, a longtime friend, improvised during their small moments together – mostly trying to avoid the camera's gaze – based on Yi's sketched outlines that moved their plot forward, through initial contact, flirtation, first date, deepening friendship and affection.

Chances are you would never have heard of it except that at the midnight screening the first night it was shown someone got up and left because they said the movie was too traumatic to take. So, the next night in what producers say was not staged, but I believe them about as much as I believe that Paris Hilton is a virgin.

Hometown: Los Angeles Film: Paper Heart For Fans Of: Jim Jarmusch, Michael Cera, Rainn Wilson In recent years, there’s been no shortage of well-soundtracked "alternative" romantic comedies, and most have hinged on a very particular archetype: the unassuming nerd girl.

"I talked with the director (Nick Jasenovec) about working a fictional on-camera love story into the documentary.

"It was weird playing a character with my own name," said Yi, who also wrote the music for the film and performs a love song.

"I had to tone down my natural style to make her credible.

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