Are lauren froderman and dtrix dating

Dominic Sandoval aka D-trix is a popular You Tube personality behind the channel the DOMINICshow with over 3.6 million subscribers. In the past, D-trix allegedly dated fellow popular You Tuber Bethany Mota but they are no longer together.

If you watch his social media account carefully, you probably know he has a stunning girlfriend. He is in a long-term committed relationship with Lauren Froderman. She competed on seventh season of So You Think You Can Dance and won!

He is an American dancer and You Tube Personality best known by his professional name D-Trix.

He came to the fame after winning the third season of "American's Best Dance Crew".

Judging from her posts there, D-trix’s girlfriend has an incredibly toned belly.

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The couple performed together in "Excel in Motion" in 2015.) and thus ended the "relationship" between Jacque Le Warne and Rudy — at least on TV.In the August 6 episode, Rudy and Jacque's relationship was promoted by the show, but in the August 13 episode, it wasn't mentioned at all.Here's one of the few times they got to perform together on the show.They both lost to krumper Russell Ferguson, but hey, when you got love like theirs, who needs to be voted America's favorite dancer?

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