Avast 6 is not updating

It helps prevent DNS hijackers steering you from legitimate sites to fake ones that look like the real ones.

While you think you’re on your bank’s website, and eventually you will be logged in and taken to the real site, someone is stealing your credentials.

Avast is programed to recognize ransomware and tap into the most recent virus databases to ensure it has the most recent threats logged in its system, making it easier to quickly recognize and block these threats.

Independent laboratories gave mid to low range scores for the lag it caused while testers performed common tasks such as opening programs, file sharing and web surfing during the virus scan.

It also scans your entire network and alerts you if you have weak Wi-Fi passwords or have the default password still on your router.

No antivirus can block every malware attack 100 percent of the time, but Avast does a good job.

And with so many decent free options available, the choices have never been wider.

Here, we look at Windows 10’s built-in Defender and three of the best alternatives.

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