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Redwings and other thrushes feeding on berries and flocks of tits, finches along with woodpeckers and nuthatches on the feeders signify winter is coming.

Keep your eye out for a winter farmland bird spectacle.

From the station car park, turn right towards the Potton road.

Turn right, cross the bridge and proceed up the hill.

A series of trails let you explore The Lodge and the heathland restoration project on Sandy Warren.

Further trails lead from the reserve entrance onto Sandy Heath.

Now more than ever, military operations rely upon timely, accurate intelligence.

Smart, resourceful and physically tough, its soldiers are a rare breed – and with a huge range of specialisms from image analysis to human intelligence, no two careers are the same.Winter thrushes feed on the acid grassland from January - March, and you can see woodland snowdrops, daffodils, then bluebells.Gardens are most colourful from May, with flowering of the rhododendrom / Azalea collection and start of the roses.The hilly, oak-dominated woodlands offer a rich natural experience to those exploring The Lodge’s network of winding trails, with sunny rides and glades where spotted flycatchers catch food for their broods, and a developing under-storey is alive with bird song and insect life.Standing and fallen deadwood is an important microhabitat, used by deadwood insects, occasionally the scarce lesser-spotted woodpeckers, and many of the 600 fungi species found on site.

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