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The incident comes as Apple investigates similar cases reported in Taiwan and Japan of batteries in its latest i Phone 8 Plus becoming bloated, causing the device's casing to open. Following a shaky release day themay be set to suffer further setbacks, after Reports have emerged of i Phone 8 devices 'bursting' open.

He said he did not charge the new device and returned it to the seller.

It detects & blocks phishing sites, spammy links & unwanted content. This DNS works on Android smartphones and tablets too, from Samsung to HTC, from Sony to Nokia.

The user interface for Android and Windows OS may differ from one another, they key ingredient is to input the DNS.

The company has repeatedly denied working with any government agency.

The Taiga Phone is not the first Russian-made smartphone.

How to filter the internet or certain websites for the entire family?

Kaspersky Lab has over the past months been at the centre of controversy in the United States.

Unlike Android where you can change the DNS and blocks adult websites without installing any apps, Apple’s i Phone on the other hand uses a more ‘fool’ proof method via the Parental Control feature.

There are pro and cons, the problem with Android is a hard reset will reset the existing DNS and parental control apps, whereas an i Phone or i Pad requires a password to perform such task, thus making it harder to bypass the filter.

The firm wants to sell Taiga Phone to Russian companies at a cost of between 12,000 and 15,000 rubles (or, up to about 0).

It has a five-inch touchscreen, two SIM slots, and two cameras. According to Taiga System, the phone is now in the final stages of production.

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