Biggest loser matt and suzie dating

Howard said she called one day all defeated and said she got called in and got in trouble for using the voices in the wrong way. Howard said she played Natasha on Rocky and Bullwinkle too. They had Rocky saying he was horny and wanted to get shtupped and stuff like that. Howard said he was a fan of him in the show ''Justified.'' Michael's phone was kind of cutting out. Will said he knows Gary pushed hard for some people. Jason said that Jerry didn't take it seriously and it was horrible to play with him. Jason said if he listened to his boss the whole league would have been disbanded. He said that's not a problem but that's where he got the job. Howard said he knew this was going to make him nuts. He said Michael sent him a ring with a monkey on the side of it. Gary said he'd like to thank Jon Hein for everything he said today. Howard played a song parody that Rapport did about Gary. Howard said they must have a lot of Yiddish in there. Robin read some of the words like Quirk, Ass, Egghead, Beehop, Rankle... Robin read more including Waddle, Twit, Nitwit, Hooter, Boobie, Tit and Booty at number 1. Robin said last weekend the President was on Long Island and made a joke about how to handle thugs they're arresting. Trump said he told them not to be so nice putting these thugs in their car. Robin said they say they're not going to listen to that.

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Howard said the guy wasn't keeping up so they fired him. He said the building he was living in was smelling really bad and it turns out someone died in the building. He said on a Thursday it was smelling bad on the outside. Howard said now they know to call the authorities when they smell something. Howard said he needs that for when he takes a dump.

Howard said she gave him the choice of doing that or he could take piano lessons. Howard said he would have died of embarrassment if she was his den mother. Howard asked JD about the place they're going to get married and how they're going to book it. Howard asked if he paid for the photographer before anything else. He said he doesn't know anything more than anyone else. Robin asked who is going to get the photos in the divorce. Howard said they met Dick Butkus was in the bit and he played himself. Howard said June Foray was a good sport until the studio put a stop to it. Michael said that people love him talking about fantasy football because of the Howard Stern Show. Ralph said he thinks Howard should make them leave Michael in to continue the league. Howard spent a few more minutes talking to fake Trump pre-recorded clips. Sal came in and said the whole no transgender in the military thing did it. Howard said that was Salamucci advising the president. Robin said Jeff Bezos was the richest man in the world for a short time. Howard said Amazon is awesome and that guy is busting his ass to run it. Robin said he topped it but went back down because of stock prices.

Howard said he told that story about his mother wanting to be a den mother. Howard said he just sounded like himself in the bit at times. Howard said it was a simulated golf scene and everyone yells it out. Jason said Michael is out on all of these other shows talking about their league. He said he comes up with names for Gary that are great. He said now he has shows across a bunch of networks. Howard said the only celebrity who is still in the league is Scott the Engineer. Gary said they might have Brent as part of the league. Fake Trump was on the line so Howard asked what's going on there. He said he's still for the guy but he needs to stay off Twitter and do what's right for the country.

Howard said that one of his daughters likes to camp and she goes on big adventures to the Grand Canyon and things like that.

Howard said she didn't get any water on her between that and the gigantic bathing suit she wore. He said you have to shit in the woods and it can be really bad. He said then he fast forwards through the commercials. Robin wrapped up her news and Howard ended the show around am.

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