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When Malaya was taken by the Japanese in 1942, they went into hiding.

Sybil and her husband started providing medical aid and information to the underground resistance at the Kathigasu shophouse dispensary in Papan, Perak.

Her vast experience in NGO work includes serving as the National Women’s Coalition president and All Women Action Society (Awam) president.

She further served as executive director of the Women’s Development Collective.

DATUK RAMANI GURUSAMY AGE: 71 The deputy president of the National Council of Women’s Organisation (NCWO) has been a stalwart figher for women’s rights and development in the country for the last 35 years.

She has focused on professional social and community work to promote women’s empowerment in relation to the family, community and national development.

She was left with a damaged spine, broken bones and a fractured jaw. BHUPALAN AGE: 84 Educator, unionist and activist, Rasammah has spent a lifetime fighting for a better society.

Throughout all this, Siti is a savvy entertainer, reciprocating her fans’ adulation with her time and talent and playing up the media attention that she gets.PLS has become a symbol of hope and a home for orphans and underprivileged children.DATUK SITI NURHALIZA AGE: 32 Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin is a singer, pop idol, songwriter and businesswoman.It was then that she resolved not to marry and have children, as she felt there were so many others who needed her help.Together with her spiritual mentor, Swami Satyananda, they set up Pure Life Society in 1952.

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