Buying a house and consolidating debt

If you have more than 5% of the purchase price in debts then it’s your mountain of debt that should be tackled first before you start to save a deposit. You can post your situation on our Disqus comments section below and one of our brokers will let you know.As a rough guide, it’s when you owe less than 5% of the maximum purchase price that you’re going for. Open up a high interest savings account and add to it every time you get paid.

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Believe it or not it’s possible to buy a home with no deposit using a variety of sneaky tricks.

If interest rates rise, so will your future monthly student loan payment.

Your best bet it to shave dollars off your monthly payments whenever you can.

For example, maybe your state government has a first home owners grant and stamp duty exemption for people who buy a new property.

In this case, you can usually buy a little earlier.

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