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The Live Setting property also lets the screen reader know how important it is to inform the user of the change made to the UI.

How to opt in or out of these changes In order for the application to benefit from these changes, it must run on the .

The latest version of ABAP is called ABAP Objects and supports object-oriented programming.

SAP will run applications written using ABAP/4, the earlier ABAP version, as well as applications using ABAP Objects. Note, this tutorial will not go into extensive details on ABAP language constructs (which become very boring to read ) but quickly introduce key concepts to get you started so you can focus your attention on more important topics.

Press the search help button at the end of the field The search help output will now look like this with the fields in the order you specified then in the LPOS field Step5 – Change output order Now enter LPos values as follows (1,2,3) If you save, activate and test the search help again you will see that the output order has changed Step6 – Add selection options Now enter 1 and 2 against parameters NCHMC and VNAME within the SPos column Now if you save, activate and test the search help again you will see that you have the 2 parameters available on the search help to further restrict the value list. You can create a lock on a object of SAP through transaction SE11 and enter any meaningful name start with EZ Example EZTEST_LOCK.

You may need to expand the view using the little arrow to see this additional options. You can see in almost all transaction when you are open an object in Change mode SAP could not allow to any other user to open the same object in change mode.

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Syntax- is created having a structure same as that of sline 4.

This is the field who’s value you want to be returned when the user selects an option/row. The write lock allows other transactions neither read nor write access to the locked area of the table.

Save and activate the search help and press the test button, a screen will appear showing how the search help will appear on a pernr field. – Enhanced write lock (exclusive lock without cumulating) works like a write lock except that the enhanced write lock also protects from further accesses from the same transaction.

Function module structure definition: Create a parameters in changing and Tables tabs as follows. DATA : WA_TEMP LIKE RECORD_TAB, IT_TEMP LIKE RECORD_TAB OCCURS 0. It is used to process the data in an internal table one line at a time.

A picture says a thousand words 🙂 There are two types of internal tables. Besides declaring the structure of an internal table, the OCCURS clause also defines how many table entries are maintained in main storage(in this case 10).

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