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We find that astronomical Sardinian nuraghis of Europe are similar to the structure found at the site of the ancient Cheomseongdae astronomical observatory near Gyeongju, Korea, at the Silla Mounds, which also have rock carvings.

See a detailed discussion at Patterns and Practices of Village Rites by Chang Chong-ryong, Professor of Folklore at Kangnung National University.

The largest dolmen, Bugun-ri, in Korea is 7.1 x 5.5 meters in size. Northern dolmens (Jisangsukkwak), a high capstone supported by two or four megaliths, are "table" dolmens allegedly influenced by Siberian culture.

Most have been destroyed by land development, construction and ignorance.

The prevailing belief system of ancient Korea was astronomical.

A two km long megalithic row of dolmens used to be found on Korea, but of these dolmens only five remain today.

The Yuri Dolmen represent's Orion's Belt by its ancient location on a site formed as a three-pronged plow.

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