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“They’re clothes for girls who want to look polished and sexy but not too sexy, stylish but not fashion victims, respectable but not middle-aged,” says Catherine Ostler, former editor of Tatler magazine.“You could meet your future mother-in-law in one of [Issa’s dresses] and she wouldn’t think you were a flapper.”Helayel presented her first runway collection during London Fashion Week in 2003, and has since become the go-to designer for some of London’s most fashionable girls.

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And she worked briefly as a fashion news presenter for a British TV show.“But from what I can see, they’ve kept their heads down and are just trying to keep up with demand.”That should all change now that Camilla Al-Fayed is in charge.With a 51 percent stake in the company, she will assume the role of chairwoman while Helayel—who retains 49 percent—will remain its creative director.The women are good friends, and Helayel said she reviewed many investors before deciding Al-Fayed was the right fit for the company.Camilla has had little concrete experience in the fashion world.

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