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In Atlanta, he frequently escorted interior decorator Katherine Leach, 34, who designed his new penthouse atop the monolithic CNN Center.Sometime around the beginning of the year, after the attentive Turner heard that Fonda and Caccialanza had split, he and Jane began a new series of quiet rendezvous.

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“It’s hard to have your dating life dissected,” he says uncomfortably, ruminating at his CNN office in Atlanta.

In March bug-eyed CNN staffers in Atlanta got the first sign that the courtship had turned serious when Fonda materialized for an overnight visit to company headquarters.

Boss Turner personally lugged Fonda’s bags into the building and gave her a grand tour of the studios, then they disappeared for the evening.

At first it sounds like another one of those mythical movieland romances involving beautiful people, epic egos and oodles of money. “That’s bizarre,” protests Fonda, tooling about the kitchen of her Santa Monica home.

As Fonda herself says, “The relationship is a natural.” A natural, say cynics, for mutual capitalization—he’ll get a boost from her celebrity, she’ll use his cable network as a political platform.

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