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That was great to discover so I can bake them in the morning. I replaced the AP flour with white whole wheat flour, added vital wheat gluten, and didn't have dried milk so replaced the water with milk.

I also had 2 egg yolks leftover from making an egg-white omelet and so threw those in, too!

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[email protected] These were the best cinnamon rolls I've ever made.

The only thing I changed was the addition of 2tsp Buttery sweet dough flavor, and I used the KAF bakers cinnamon filling.

Turned out beautifully when I warmed and iced them two days later on Christmas morning.

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They still baked up beautifully for Christmas morning breakfast.

I've never had a problem with the dough's rise, so for me, this recipe is a winner! I've been making these buns for several years as Christmas breakfast, and they always come out perfectly.

I've never had a problem with the dough's rise, so for me, this recipe is a winner!

I sent a tray home with my parents since there was no way we'd finish 16 rolls on our own. Before she even wished me a Merry Christmas my mom was shouting into the phone about the awesome cinnamon rolls and can I please make them again. I think they were OK but just can't touch the old recipe I use which uses buttermilk (not the Can Do Quick type).

I think it should be possible for folks to scale up the recipe..only needs 16 small cinnamon rolls?? I doubled recipe and tried placing 12 each (making larger buns) on half sheet pans and then letting them cool rise in garage/refrigerator on top of car that worked ok. I have looked at this recipe for years, always intending to make it for Christmas morning, but the idea of homemade cinnamon rolls was just too intimidating.

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