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We make sure the delivery of unlock codes is time-efficient.

Assuming you meet all the requirements, jump ahead and start the simple unlock process. AT&T has provided a new simpler method to start the unlock process for i Phones: Unlocks through the web request form are quick and you should hear back within a few days. Regardless, you will hear back as to whether the i Phone is eligible for an unlock (if the requirements are met, it usually is), or if its not eligible and then AT&T will tell you why.Top Tip: If you don't have separate SIM cards for your Android and i Phone, you can keep your SIM card on your Android device to receive the Whats App verification SMS/call with the verification code that will be needed to activate and run Whats App app on your i Phone.Alternatively, you can also backup your Whats App messages of your Android to the local database of this program by clicking the "Backup Messages" button, connect your i Phone to your computer and restore/transfer these Whats App chats to your i Phone.stinknormalen Texteditor ist, muss das Angebot der Drittentwickler-Community durchsuchen.Weder auf dem i Phone noch auf dem i Pad bietet Apple ein Pendant zu seinem einfachen Mac-Text-Editor ...

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