Chris tomlin dating

Churches around the world used 128 songs he wrote or co-wrote last year, Rachinski said.

CCLI estimates that every Sunday in the United States, between 60,000 and 120,000 churches are singing Tomlin’s songs.

Next week Tomlin is releasing a deluxe CD/DVD edition of his chart-topping album "Burning Lights." The CNN Belief Blog is the only place you can see Tomlin's new video, "God's Great Dance Floor," filmed live at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado.

Tomlin is the undisputed king of worship music, a genre of Christian music sung on Sunday mornings all across the world and increasingly played on Christian radio stations.

The music is simple, devotional and easy on the ears.

These lead some people to believe in those who do not have any obligation.

, is currently single, and when ET stopped by the always-bubbly athlete's rehearsal for the show in Los Angeles on Wednesday, she couldn't help herself from blushing when we asked her to spill details about her dating life.

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