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In February 2018, he will start working on his VIDI project "Contemporary Political Satire" (2018-2023). Christian Burgers is a member of the Management Team of the Metaphor Lab Amsterdam in which he coordinates the track on Figurative Framing.

He stayed in Paris from 1666-1681 with only occasional visits to Holland.In 1645 he went to the University of Leiden to study mathematics and law. In 1655 Huygens visited Paris and because of his family background was able to socialise with the highest intellectually and socially.Huygens had realised how to optimise his telescopes by using a new way of grinding and polishing the lenses and in 1655-56 he discovered Titan, Saturn's major satellite.Since 2009, he has worked at the Department of Communication Science, first as a Lecturer and Assistant Professor and currently as an Associate Professor.In 2016, he was a visiting scholar at the Department of Communication Studies at Chapman University (Orange, CA, USA).

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