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Telephone: (07) 855 0220 Telephone answering facility: (07) 824 6942 Responsible Apostle: Apostle Cliff Flor-Apostolic Church of Queensland Responsible Officers: District – Elder P. It was established in 2008 in Aotearoa-New Zealand.It was as a consequence when members from the Old Apostolic Church of Africa that emigrated to Aotearoa New Zealand and who established the Hamilton Community of the New Zealand branch of the Old Apostolic Church in 2002, could not be accommodated by the Old Apostolic Church of New Zealand, due to doctrinal, theological and magisterial differences.

We believe in Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God the Father our Lord and Saviour, who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered on the Cross by Crucifixion , died and buried, descended into Hades, on the third day arose, taught His disciples for 40 days of the mysteries of the kingdom of God, ascended up and into Heaven, and as the High Priest sitteth at the right hand of God the Almighty, from thence He will come again to take the Members of the Elect unto Himself and on the last Judgement Day to judge the Quick and the Dead.Apostle Flor consented to receive the families as part of the Apostleship of Northern Queensland, which has been entrusted to his care.Several other OAC members from the OAC Hamilton community followed which led to the celebration of Divine Services at the homes of members.Omrede die Ou Apostoliese Kerk vanuit die werksaamhede van die Apostoliese Kerk van Queensland en Apostel HF Niemeyer inderwee tot stand gekom het, met die sending van die Evangelis Carl George Klibbe na Suid-Afrika en sy later verordenering deur Apostel Niemeyer in Australia, was dit vanselfsprekend dat lede van die Ou Apostoliese Kerk van Afrika wie na Nieu-Seeland geëmigreer het en nie meer geakomodeer kon word onder die bestaande bestel van die Ou Apostoliese Kerk van Nieu-Seeland nie, in 2008 hulleself na die moeder gemeente van die Apostoliese Kerk in die Suidelike Halfrond en in in Oceania, die Apostoliese Kerk van Queensland gewend het.Die Van der Nest familie was ontvang as deel van die Apostoliese Kerk van Queensland in 2008.

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