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Any conservative Republican would chew off his own arm to appear on the Limbaugh show. DICK CHENEY Vice President of the United States The former Wyoming congressman and Defence Secretary during the Gulf War is the most powerful vice president in American history.Freed from the burden of having to plot a future run for office, since 9/11 Cheney has dedicated himself to protecting America by offering unvarnished and sometimes unpalatable advice to George W. Deeply conservative and fiercely loyal to Mr Bush, he is supported by his wife Lynne who is herself a leading conservative who just missed inclusion on our list.Giuliani's performance after 9/11 made him an international figure and helped make a nation feel good about itself just after its darkest hour.But 9/11 is the centrepiece of the Giuliani campaign in more than just that respect - he is determined to confront America's enemies, including Iran, and has taken on an array of hawkish advisers.

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Cheney turned his office into a foreign policy powerhouse within the Bush administration, nurturing such figures as David Wurmsur, who recently stepped down as his Middle East adviser.Cheney is an enigmatic figure who keeps his own counsel when outside the Oval Office.Unerringly hawkish, after 9/11 Cheney abandoned his 1991 qualms about US forces toppling Saddam Hussein, instead believing that Iraq, Iran, North Korea and Syria needed to be confronted and al-Qa'eda hunted down across the world.An intensely private man, Drudge, based in Los Angeles, is a former convenience store clerk and telemarketer whose father bought him a computer in 1994 because he was worried about his son's indolence.A populist, anti-abortion, anti-tax, libertarian-leaning conservative, Drudge has his finger on the pulse of Middle America. NEWT GINGRICH Former Speaker of the House of Representatives He lead the Republican Revolution of 1994, when the Grand Old Party swept into power on a platform of smaller government, welfare reform and lower taxes - ending 40 years of Democratic rule in the House of Representatives.

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