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High achieving students are more fearful of poor performance, and this may translate into math anxiety.

But, it is the feeling of helplessness about mathematics that grips a large percent of students from elementary school to adulthood.

Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.

Muhammad Ali Learning mathematics takes a special kind of courage and enthusiasm for the subject, and to be successful in it, one needs effective teachers.

Math anxiety is present in many students poorly performing in mathematics, but even many high performing students exhibit math anxiety.

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In the earlier stage, math anxiety may indicate something is not right in a child’s mathematics learning.If a student who makes a mistake stays calm, his brain will stay in a mode to learn, whereas if a student freaks out with a stress response at each mistake or unfamiliar answer, his brain will be less able to process the incoming information or make connections between different pieces of information both new and old.This can create a spiral: Math Anxiety Mathematics anxiety is a state of discomfort and helplessness around the performance of mathematical tasks, and is generally measured using self-report trait anxiety questionnaires or can be observed by mathematics educators.Such a demand of language in mathematics creates difficulties, and with math anxiety the language processing is further compromised.Math anxiety compromises executive functions, contributing to difficulty in learning mathematics, thereby lowered achievement, and more mathematics anxiety.

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