Control a webcam sexslave live

I have had to perform all of my previous humiliation tasks but I have also had to perform other degrading things.

For example, I was made to buy a 12-inch dildo and Mistress made me demonstrate my blowjob skills and to show her how I was coming along.

She loved kicking me in the ass to move faster and spitting in my face.

She also made up a sign for me to hang around my neck. : Blowjobs : Hand jobs : Fuck her ass “ It was so humiliating but not as much as when my makeup started to run and she made me chew on a tampon.

Instead I took control of My life at a young age, I weeded out people that I felt were toxic and when forming new relationships, Im always cautious and immediately expel anyone that shows signs of behavior that does not promote positivity or at the very least, self awareness.

That being said…the idiotic way that the average person communicates, eats, drives, walks, talks, and breathes, truly irritate Me…but because I live in a world of My control, I can overlook these moronic mannerisms on most days…blissful in My nirvana of sex and power.

Tease and denial and ruined orgasms are what makes the guy beg for forgiveness but the woman is usually the one in control.

I'd bring home toys and watch Renee use them on herself, which was quite a turn-on for us both.I sucked that thing like there was no tomorrow, for what felt like an eternity till she had seen enough.I gagged and spluttered as I took it out of my mouth and I had tears running down my face. You need a LOT more practise” Seems my sissy humiliation live on webcam is nowhere near completed.She had forced a blond curly haired wig on me and slapped enough cheap makeup on me to stop a bullet.As well as that, she also put a chastity cage on my cock that forbade any erections. Plus, when I leak pre-cum through the cage, it means my panties get moist just like a proper slut.

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