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Why is the paste changing my data and how do I fix it?I was able to repeat the issue with smaller documents. I do understand why a bloke might resort to such tactics. Sometimes the game is up for the guy when he copy-pastes you the same message twice.Do you have any good ideas to deal with this job in Excel?

Copy-paste messages seem to work a little bit like that. They generally make a) no reference to the recipient b) were written by someone with txt spk in their user name c) sound a bit like this: If like me you enjoy being treated well, respected and ambitious then just try me.

If we’re comparing messages to tinned foodstuffs, let’s go for something a little more appetising – the verbal equivalent of instant custard.

I have no time for silly games, try me before you say no, you can email me at : [email protected], I’m referring to a higher calibre of spam.

Would be great if you can simply move the date of a shift instead of having to copy and paste it to another day.

We use this for workers who are electricians and jobs often change.

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