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So it is no surprise that Craigslist is regularly targeted by nearly every scam in the book.In particular, and the topic of this blog, is the persistent attempts by scammers to defraud or steal personal and sensitive information from registered Craigslist account holders by sending phishing SMS text messages (sometimes referred to as SMSishing).These services are favourites of spammers because they can send so-called Snowshoe spam - spam that, a bit like a snowshoe, can distribute the load over a large area to great effect (usually in short bursts - which makes blocking more difficult).The senders of these messages are very persistent and use thousands of phone numbers to distribute the spam to thousands of recipients.One can understand how someone might fall for this as these small irregularities can be easily overlooked.

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Craigslist users whose accounts have been compromised have reported that their postings were hijacked and altered - likely to defraud the respondents of these postings and to post their own ads/spam.

The vast majority of these phishing messages originate from over-the-top carriers (OTT) or Vo IP carriers.

OTT carriers have become very popular with spammers in recent years – the majority of all spam blocked by us last month came from OTT carriers using SMS services.

Once they have these details they have access to the user’s Craigslist account.

From here they can conduct various nefarious scams.

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