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It includes interior design, but not usually architecture.

The decorative arts are often categorized in opposition to the "fine arts", namely, painting, drawing, photography and sculpture, which generally are thought to have no function other than to be seen.

Neither of these two areas is defined according to the artist's habitual standard of finish.

The darkest parts are all painted with the same semi-transparent dark gray pigment, most likely a mixture of raw umber and black.

The varnish retains its colorless appearance longer than any other common varnish.In the early , a carefully brushed underdrawing was followed by a monochrome dead-coloring in order to determine the essential forms of the composition.Some of the dead-coloring can be made out here and there through abraded paint layers.The concept of decorum is also applied to prescribed limits of appropriate social behavior within set situations and suitability of subject matter and style in painting.Decorum also determined that a pictorial or sculptural subject was suitable for an architectural setting, such as Vulcan's forge over a fireplace, or that kinds of buildings are fitting in urban or rural contexts or appropriate for persons of certain status.

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