Dating an identical twin

Being at a lower frequency or vibration and having to regain your “consciousness” is a challenge that you have to overcome this time around, and sometimes it can take multiple lifetimes in order to reach the stage that you were once at.

As soon as your Twin Flame is created, you enter Earth at the same time or within a few years of each other.

A number of twin studies have attempted to compare the relative importance of genetics and environment in the determination of sexual orientation.Think of it like a seed, spreading and creating more flowers as it germinates. It only happens to those who have reached a certain frequency or level of consciousness.In each “twin” there is a magnet that sort of attracts the two of you together (like attracts like), and you can meet at any time, at any stage of your life journey.When you come together, the relationship is very, very intense.This is because you are not only dealing with the “baggage” in your own mind and body but you also have to deal with your “baggage” in another body.

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