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Here, you’re prompted to update your bio and add featured photos to your profile.However, you’re not able to customize an introduction that’s meant to be seen only by those in the “Discover People” section.Years ago it launched “Friends Nearby,” but finally backed away from exact location sharing this December, due to users’ privacy concerns.

These are designated as “People going to…” followed by the name of the event.

Apps like Tinder and Bumble have begun to develop features that help people find new friends to hang out with, not just people to date, via things like Bumble BFF and Tinder Social.

And when any other social app steps onto Facebook’s scene, the social networking giant soon tries to figure out how to compete.

When you tap into the new section, the header at the top asks you to introduce yourself.

This involves Facebook guiding your through your current profile to update its various sections.

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