Dating boarding school

Most international students who choose host family accommodation over boarding school do not know about the family-like environment boarding schools offer.

Most boarding schools have “dorm parents” who are teachers living with their families in the dorms with students.

High school isn't an enjoyable phase in anyone’s life, and if it was enjoyable for you, I’m happy we weren't friends.

Still, being shipped off to boarding school gives you a unique perspective of the high school experience.

Life could get a lot worse if you’re placed with a strict host family.

Imagine all the chores, cleaning, and family rules you can avoid by enrolling in boarding school compared to day school with host family accommodation!

So try not to feel too offended that Leonardo Di Caprio still holds a special place in our heart. Your pornographic lesbian schoolgirl fantasies will probably be shattered. Who knows, you might be convinced to apply to an American boarding school for next school year!Unlike UK boarding schools which have a reputation for being traditional and stuffy, their US counterparts bare no risk of hand-slapping or harsh discipline.Why stay with a host family when you can live with your friends?True, most boarding schools are expensive with an average cost of ,000 USD per year.

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