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Watch this favorite video of mine at another TED Talk, with the genius of the Handspring Puppet Company.Imagine the math, physics and design attributes that these brilliant guys and their “puppets” represent application of.Awareness of dyslexia, illiteracy and remediation continues to spread throughout the world.In this article, Nigeria: Easing Dyslexia in Children to Develop Full Potential, Director of Dyslexia Nigeria, Mrs.Just last weekend I walked over to the church courtyard across the street.

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If teachers knew how to do this and students made and produced things, actual useful things (and this can include artistic expressions too), you would see an immediate and corresponding rise in self worth and self efficacy, which is the belief in the value of one’s efforts to accomplish.I’ve been working in the field of literacy and learning differences for a long time.And over the course of these years I became so good at helping students improve their weaknesses that it took a while for me to remember that for most people, success and happiness in life comes from developing strengths.Developing the critical skills of connection, vulnerability (not being the “sage on the stage”), and challenge between teacher or tutor and student is as important as matching sound to symbol. Although I did not completely understand Kristen’s words, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit surround us.

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