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Luckily, these 15 apps make meeting strangers easy.

They connect you to people you can share a meal with, locals who want to party with tourists, and even people who share your same taste in music.

Meeting new people can be awkward and intimidating — especially when you're just arriving in a new place.

Whether you are traveling, or moving to a new city, the idea of going up to random people and striking up a conversation can be terrifying.

They help you find real friends who you share deep common interests with.

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Price: Free (i OS, Android) Hinge is a dating app that works by matching you only with people in your extended social network.

The app goes out to "third degree connections" of your Facebook friends to build you a network that is, hopefully, creep-free.

Price: Free (i OS) Glimpse is an app for finding love via Instagram.

Read on for the best apps to help you make new friends and forge new relationships.

Bon Appetour is an app that connects travelers — or even locals — to great "home restaurants" in a city.

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    Many people just want to enjoy themselves and the company of others.