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Seeing, hearing and touching materials evokes thoughts and feelings.

It is like a poetic communication between the body and materials.

At this moment I am still producing my textiles by hand, so mass-production in the very near future might be a little too ambitious.

The technique needs more development, but I certainly believe that in the future we can have machines, that 3-dimensionally weave lightweight structures for us to use, live in and even drive in.

A lack of support and hollowness make them seem on the edge of breaking, though their structure is strong and sturdy.

Therefore, they can not only carry themselves, but also the human body.

Do you think the textiles of this project could be used for mass-production in the near future?From here I begin to work towards the application and purpose of the design, narrowing down by evaluating every creative step and outcome of experiments.How much impact would you like your work to have on society?The mediums I choose to communicate my designs can range from film, to textiles, to interior products, to garments, to trend forecasts and more, but also combinations of these.Can you tell me a little about the design process, how do you start your design?

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