Dating in the workplace key players

The challenge of working in an otherwise dynamic environment and having to learn & unlearn every day is what I love about my life at Mahindra.We have a very conducive environment to experiment and take risk without ever having to fear about failure.It empowers our people, and in doing so, encourages individual responsibility. Constant learning constitutes a fundamental aspect of the Mahindra Experience, with abundant learning opportunities at every level, and an environment that encourages constant learning What I love about Mahindra is that it allows you to contribute without any boundaries.I have learnt tremendously from the interactions with the leadership, exposure in prestigious Global forums, opportunity to be part of Strategic Group initiatives like the Mahindra Universe, etc.

I love the cross functional collaboration and entrepreneurship culture to stretch ourselves, share best practices and ideas to build a better business.I am proud to be associated with a brand that has always stood for good corporate governance, ethics and integrity I am proud of being associated with a company which transforms rural lives and has so much space for innovation.A lot of faith is put in young employees which creates a culture of empowerment within the organization.The flu can be more serious for some people, such as older people, young children, people with certain health conditions and smokers.Watch this brief video for advice on when to seek professional care.

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