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If companies post a job before the end of October, we will extend the posting an additional 30 days for no additional fee. Prices for employers: Career Center added to lists on line for employment: ---------------------------- Leasing News Advisor Fred St Laurent, CEO and President SFBI Recruiters, Inc. Leasing News has received permission to quote his thoughts about the ELFA Career Center site: “The interface is simple and functional and I enjoyed the process.It may be make them more competitive, not less, however how that will affect present employees is not known.Regarding restaurant leasing, for the last year many regular lessors have been making more restrictions on restaurant financing, including Financial Pacific, Pawnee, and others, including Bank of the West Leasing which requires financial statements to consider restaurant lessees (no “app.As important, readers should remember all the television ads poking fun at banks charging for checks, banking accounts, and all the services Wa Mu was offering for “free.” Reportedly the coup de grace began after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers where Wa Mu customers withdrew .7 billion in a 10-day period.The former savings and loan, which became a bank, was no doubt highly mismanaged with little due diligence and offering such products as “option adjustable-rate mortgages” with no money down; many real estate agents tacking second mortgages as “front money” for borrowers who never should have qualified for the amount required for the first mortgage. At least one lessor said that although applications were up, approvals and fundings were down, leading to flat production.

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