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Most off-premises alcohol sales were not permitted on Sundays until 2004.

Erwin Fahlbusch and Geoffrey William Bromiley write that throughout their existence, first-day Sabbatarian organizations have been supported by labor unions in lobbying "to prevent secular and commercial interests from hampering freedom of worship and from exploiting workers." For example, the United States Congress was supported by the Lord's Day Alliance in securing "a day of rest for city postal clerks whose hours of labor, unlike those of city mail carriers, were largely unregulated." Arkansas has 75 counties, 39 of which are "dry", meaning the sale of any alcoholic beverage is prohibited entirely. Private facilities must have licenses, which can be rigorous.

Establishments within 200 feet of a church or school may obtain a beer and wine license.

North Dakota may have the strictest remaining blue law of the United States. In 1967, changes more clearly defined which businesses were exempt such as pharmacies, hospitals and restaurants.

Since the law changed in 2004, off-premises sales are now allowed anywhere in the state, with local approval, after noon. The sale of alcohol is prohibited in most of Mississippi on Sundays.

Also, the sale of liquor is not allowed at all in nearly half of the state's counties.

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