Dating laws in tennessee

Myth 2: Divorcing parents can simply agree to an amount of child support that the alternative residential parent pays to the primary residential parent.

Reality - Tennessee's Child Support Guidelines set forth what the child support obligation for each of the two parents will be.

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The law includes an exception to the rules in medical emergencies. Supreme Court has ruled a 24-hour waiting period is constitutional but has never weighed in on a challenge to a longer waiting period.Requiring them to make that trip twice will require time off work, child care and travel expenses that place an especially heavy burden on low-income working mothers, according to advocates who also argued that no other medical procedure has a mandatory waiting period in the state.Nationally, nearly two thirds of women seeking abortion already have at least one child at home."It is a tool to shame and disgrace women who make the deeply personal decision to end a pregnancy," a news release from Planned Parenthood of the Greater Memphis Region stated.The primary residential parent absorbs his or her share of the support obligation from his or her own resources.The alternative residential parent pays the other parent his or her share of the child support, either directly or through the State.

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