Dating pick up lines

Here at CMB we found 20 funny pick up lines on the interwebs.1) Bronson Farr is studying Journalism at CSU Long Beach and is currently interning at Coffee Meets Bagel.You can talk about the actress or a movie she was recently in or anything newsworthy about her - it is the perfect introductory conversation that won't be painfully awkward.Being straightforward and offering the promise of alcohol means you have already guaranteed my attention.I have a special place in my heart for guys who make me laugh.

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This guy knows what he is after and is going to get it.A line like that immediately makes a girl stop in her tracks and take notice of you.It is also flattering - like, yes you may compliment me for a couple minutes sir, I'm not opposed to that. The minute a guy shows me a shred of confidence, I'm hooked.We’ve all heard them before, and to be honest, they usually don’t work.Pick up lines are great for breaking the ice and making a couple of laughs, but if you’re trying to spit game with them, you might as well just pack up and go home.

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