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And for all the young girls that are watching, it can be damaging too, because [these musicians are in the] position of being a role model, and they’re influencing young girls to act in a similar way.Dressing immodestly and using music that kind of encourages kids to be sexually active outside of marriage can also lead to all kinds of troubles, including pregnancy outside of marriage, STDs, and all kinds of emotional consequences.James said: “Can I just say that married sex – and I’ve never been with anyone else – is so cherishing and beautiful, and I’m glad I don’t have memories with anyone else, and I’m glad my husband doesn’t have anyone to compare me to. empower women to live Christian lives according to biblical principles. James recently spoke with Beliefnet about poverty in Africa, sexuality in mainstream music, what she wants to change about Christian music, and the importance of and for the people who are hurting there.But God wants us to put one foot in front of the other and just step out on faith.So I wrote a song on this album called “God Help Me,” because I think that’s how I often feel in my walk with Him-- I see Him working in my life in very active ways. It’s not just going to pop up right in front of you in a 3-D figure.Women try to work out how they will do it before they will say yes,' she continued.

They’re [working] in the most poverty-stricken parts of the countries and are really changing the world.

I try to journal, especially when God’s taught me something profound, just so that I remember it.

But as Christians we also have got to be really wise about what we watch on the Internet, TV, movies, and everything else--because what goes into our hearts and our minds is going to come out in our lives.

He’s probably going to say, “Did you feed the poor?

When you saw me hungry and thirsty, did you feed me, and did you give me something to drink, and did you give me clothes?

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