Dating screennames

I explained it in my profile but didn't know it would "scare" ladies away.

Well, OP - "Gorgeous" and "Gangsta" aren't necessarily used hand-in-hand. ;-)To be honest, I probably wouldn't reply because of your screen name. And even if you're not a "gangsta", your name implies you either are or think you are.

I got it from someone who isn't well known to the masses so I guess they think I made it up.

It's not a direct description of me, it's my screenname on other message boards and one of my emails.

I’ve often used variations of a song title as a catchy screen name. Because it adds personality to your profile and invites someone who shares your passion for music to stop and take a digital peek.

It reminds me of an ignorant adolescant rap-music fan who thinks he'd be cool if he tried robbing a convenience store with a rubber knife.

Take for example, “Skiing Enthusiast.” If someone else loves to ski, it’s an invitation to ask you where your favorite ski spot is or if you’re a blue-intermediate skier or at the black-diamond level.

If your favorite screen name is unavailable, try adding the city, state or zip code to the end of it.

Gangsta in your username and you were wearing an argyle sweater?

I might think you had multiple personality disorder or something.

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