Dating site and hep c online dating stigma

This is more likely in a recent or an acute infection with hepatitis C (approximately the first six months after infection).More research is needed on sperm as a route of transmission.Whether or not hepatitis C can be present in pre cum, has not yet been investigated.There is a greater risk of contracting hepatitis C from other HIV-positive men if you have sex with multiple partners at the same time or consecutively.Being top, you have little chance of becoming infected yourself, however you can transfer the virus from one bottom to another.

Get tested if a partner has told you he has hepatitis C or if you think you have symptoms of hepatitis C. It is a virus that weakens your immune system, eventually making your body incapable of combating infections effectively.As a top, make sure that you too know what to do to reduce the risk of transmission.Are you HIV-positive and do you get fucked or fisted?There have been cases of HIV-negative men contracting the virus by having sex.It really depends on the type of sex you have as well as the network of men whom you have sex with.

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