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Consequently, the bold asseveration of instantiationability necessarily affirms the integrity and integral nature of Catholicism being both spiritually and empirically consonant, meaning with the representative characteristics and signs of the Roman Catholic Church, and, more to the specific point here, none other.

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One of these may be denominated infusibility due to the ever ongoing guidance of the Holy Ghost.

All this, however, is in spite of the monumental and ongoing grave crisis in the Church, since Vatican Council II, in the mid-1960s.

A convinced disciple of that wayward Council, evil Pope Francis, in his terrible efforts to radicalize and pervert the Church and its holy purposes, seems to have forgotten the meaning of these attributes in supposedly thinking that they only describe himself and his papal powers.

g., the “real” onion by peeling at it until nothing is left of it.

One sees here absurdity compounded, especially by those who wish to attack or denigrate Catholicism.

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