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Save the Family also has a page of volunteer opportunities available, some with as little of a commitment as one hour a week.With the stakes so high, the opportunity to help is extremely valuable.It affects men, woman and children of all different backgrounds,ages and circumstances.One place someone should never fear is the home where the live and the people who live within it.A total of 20,000 children and their parents will be left without the funding they need to survive and get back on their feet.According to an article posted by the East Valley Tribune today about Republicans criticism toward the cuts, homeless shelters will lose 1,100 in capacity, funding for domestic violence shelters will be cut and services for 5,000 developmentally disabled children and adults are being eliminated.With as little as one hour a week, we can help to save a child and family.I ran across this AZ Central article which tells the story about an 11-year-old boy whose mother struggles to make ends meet, and although they are now classified as homeless, the one thing that has kept them going is the consistancy of schooling.

While volunteerism may be up, corporations are being increasingly cautious with their grant making, due to the economic crunch they are in.

In times when the economy is rocky and everyone is financially unstable it is easy to forget the individuals who are less fortunate.

But it is times like these when we should embrace the chance to help.

It is hard to tell what the future will hold and someday it may be us on the other side, wishing someone would help. It can be through volunteering, donating clothing, appliances, furniture or food.

A simple “volunteer” search in goggle will bring up countless sites on how and where to volunteer.

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