Dating your father

Young marriage does put people at a higher risk of divorce.

If your daughter comes to you for advice about getting married upon graduation, separate out what you say from your own concern about how good a stepson her boyfriend would be. Daughter Inherited Dad's Birthmark: Both my husband and our daughter were born with port-wine stains on their faces.

Sigmund Freud, and psychoanalysis after him, saw the father complex, and in particular ambivalent feelings for the father on the part of the male child, as an aspect of the Oedipus complex.

Freud and Jung both used the father complex as a tool to illuminate their own personal relations.

a postmodern dictionary of psychoanalysis is nonetheless more likely to have an entry instead for James M.

Herzog's (1980) term "Father hunger": the son's longing for and need of contact with a father figure.

Such father hunger, as prompted by paternal absence, may leave the daughter with an unhealthy kind of narcissism, and with a prevalent search for external sources of self-esteem.

Maine further examined the longing that all children have for connection with fathers, and how an unmet father hunger influences disordered eating and other mental illnesses. Herzog's Father Hunger: Explorations with Adults and Children addresses the unconscious longing experienced by many males and females for an involved father.

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