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Boys get tired of losing in church – and so they withdraw as soon as they’re given the chance.This week we’ll examine a third screen: the sexual purity movement.We were told constantly that “God has that special someone out there for you” and that “you should be preparing yourself for that person even now.” My youth minister never said anything about how difficult marriage might be after we found that special someone.I can’t blame him; he was too busy making sure that we would defer sex until marriage to tell us much about what came afterward.Christian parents who grew up during the first wave of the sexual revolution (and saw the wreckage it created) began pressuring youth leaders to focus most of their teaching on sexual purity and relationships.

Through the remaining 65 books of the Bible, God never arranges another marriage.The supervirgin woman enters marriage knowing exactly how her husband will respond mentally and emotionally (her primary needs), but the supervergin man has no idea how she will respond physically (his primary need).Kissing, hugging and handholding are good indicators of physical compatibility; take these away and a guy has no clue whether he’s marrying a red-hot tiger or a cold fish.A nice fellow may be seen as a wolf simply for asking a girl on a date.The prospect of marriage is frightening to the average 16-year-old boy. Some even declined to hold hands before their nuptials.

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