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Hacked Sites: (Member Of #Kitteh Sec) hacked and defaced 6 websites. 24 Websites hacked and defaced by @Time Z1001 & @Anon Masked, members of #Kitteh Sec.

Hacked Site List: Masked, Member Of #Kitteh Sec hacked the Of Nike Shoes shopping Sites) and Hacked sites: is the full list: YBM Hello Readers, EHN is Ad free News portal and we don't make you read annoying technical/marketing materials from Cyber Security Companies. Feel free to read and share news items with your friends.

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It was hosted by Hosting Services Inc and Single Hop BV.

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Lu Han, a popular young actor and singer, abruptly introduced his girlfriend on social media to the public on Sunday, paralyzing servers for a moment due to a huge traffic spike.

He posted a thread on Weibo, China's most popular social platform, saying "Hi everyone, this is my girlfriend @Guan Xiaotong" with a link to her page and her photo.

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