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She ends up having a one night stand with Lauren who's a nerd in the school.She is Waverly Freaking Earp and she is strong and capable and a girl shouldn't turn her stomach to knots— But she does.I might fix it later).[Highschool AU] Lexa Woods is a really good basketball player who wants to play college but for Clarke Griffin she might give that up.[Based on the 2x04 promo images.]Clarke Griffin is the presidential daughter.Can Emily make her realise her true worth before her father destroys the Paige that her new friends have come to know and love?Pretend to be questioning her sexuality and get close to Amy.When Nicole knocks on the door, Steph still thinks Waverly ordered her a stripper.

Kara accidentally travels back in time during a hypersonic speed chase to save National City from mass destruction.

He is transferred to Dalton partway through the school year following an incident at his old school.

The only problem is, she doesn't realize just how far the girl of steel is willing to go to be there for her.

Oh, god, how many woman did I crush on without realising it?

:)Lexa and Anya are sisters and co owners of an Adult Entertainment store.

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