Dead man dating charmed part 1

Smith's latest project, ' Blood Shot,' is a horror flick that sees him tackling the vampire look ... Then: Though Ted King's Andy Trudeau overshadowed him in ' Charmed' season 1, Dorian Gregory's Darryl became more prominent following King's departure.Darryl ended up lasting until season 7, which was fortunate for Gregory, considering his previous gigs bounced from show to show (' Moesha,' '3rd Rock From the Sun,' ' Girlfriends,' ' Lois & Clarke: The New Adventures of Superman').

Then: Belthazor, Cole Turner's demonic form, was portrayed by Michael Bailey Smith.

Now: His post-' Charmed' career is just as lengthy and varied as before he boarded 'the series.

' Two and a Half Men,' ' The Hills Have Eyes,' ' Chuck,' ' Desperate Housewives' and ' Men in Black 2' are just a handful of movies and TV shows he's been featured in.

Now: Aside from a really small part in Steven Soderbergh's ' Oceans 11' -- she was that woman playing poker -- she was featured in a couple TV movies before landing the role of Ella Montgomery on ABC Family's ' Pretty Little Liars.' Then: Actress Lori Rom was originally cast in the role of Phoebe Halliwell, the youngest sister in this witchy trio with the power of premonition, but left after filming the (unaired) pilot for "personal reasons." That's when producer Aaron Spelling replaced her with his ' Melrose Place' star Alyssa Milano.

The actress became, reportedly, the bane of Doherty's existence.

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    By this point Lourdes’ has begun paying more and more attention to Elijah.