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I couldn’t replicate that a second time and that’s why I’m not using them anymore. SEO SEO or search engine optimization refers to making websites rank higher for keywords in the search engines (mostly Google but also Yahoo and Bing search engines).For example, ideally this blog here should rank for keywords related to adult webmasters, so everybody interested can find my blog.That’s why I’m using a software for tube uploading instead of manually doing the work.But if you are hardworking and have some spare time, you don’t need any tools. Forum posts You can post your pictures and videos to porn forums such as and many other. You need to open quite a bunch of threads to see large amounts of traffic. Forum signature Porn forums are also useful for driving traffic from your signature."i have met a lovely lady and, we are living together only after 17 days ..thxs" - cheeky1always, Auckland. I met very nice people on here, the site is very discreet and fun." - Anonymous, Auckland.

allows you to have a signature with a link to your site if you link from your site to their forum. Image sites Another great way is to upload watermarked images to image sites, e.g. A small watermark is enough to get traffic, I’ve tested it myself. So do not turn this into one big advertisement with huge watermarks, numerous links everywhere etc. Pin sites Adult pin sites such as allow users to collect pictures they found somewhere on the web and share them with others to see. Comments Comments on relevant porn blogs and tube sites can be a powerful marketing tool. No one is going to click on such a link and you’ll most likely get banned for spamming. Use my methods Here are my methods that help to get traffic: Drive Traffic To Your Adult Website On Autopilot Tumblr Guide For Adult Webmasters Let me know what you think about these free traffic source and if you know any others. Add your websites and promote your account by engaging with others.I have to say that I only had one site that went viral on Stumble Upon and brought massive traffic.The lag implies the presence of an effective barrier to migration and diffusion across the Ebro river depression, which, based on available paleoenvironmental indicators, would at that time have represented a major biogeographical divide.In addition, (a) the Phlegraean Fields caldera explosion, which occurred 39,850 years ago, would have stalled the Neandertal/modern human admixture front because of the population sink it generated in Central and Eastern Europe, and (b) the long period of ameliorated climate that came soon after (Greenland Interstadial 8, during which forests underwent a marked expansion in Iberian regions south of 40°N) would have enhanced the “Ebro Frontier” effect.

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