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Back in 2009 Catherine Shteynberg over at the Smithsonian wrote a follow-up clarifying the baby mail story, which had gone viral: Clearly, many were startled and amazed by this photo of a postal carrier with a child in his mail bag, and so for some clarification, I spoke to Nancy Pope, historian at the National Postal Museum.She reiterated the information from the Flickr caption for this photograph: first, that this photo was actually a staged piece, and second, that there is little evidence that babies were sent through the mail other than in two known cases in which children were placed on train cars as "freight mail" as this was cheaper than buying them a regular train ticket. But when you dig a bit deeper, most of these stories have caveats that make them slightly less horrifying.History In Pics recently tweeted the image on the left, claiming that it showed President John F. According to this enormously popular (and frequently incorrect) Twitter account, the young girl is wearing a mask made to look like her father. But there are two important caveats to this oft-repeated fun fact.But if something doesn't look quite right, that's because this, of course, is a face-swapped version of the original photo. First, the photos that have been making the rounds on historical Twitter accounts don't actually show children being mailed.

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"I am really shocked how people have twisted my picture." According to the History In Pics Twitter account, the Mocambo night club in West Hollywood refused to book Ella Fitzgerald in 1954 because of her race.as a peek into a dystopian world where Beijing's only glimpse of the sun comes from digital screens. As the No, that bizarre photo on the left isn't some supernatural weirdness from a Russian mental institution in 1952.It's from Pina Bausch's performance art dance show, Blaubart.The patient acquires his old self-respect, self assurance, self-reliance...takes once more to a pride in his personal appearance." magazine might insist.

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